On Climbing Your Own Statehouse Flagpole

Here we all are trying to keep our daughters off the pole, and one woman climbed up a pole — and made us all proud.

On Saturday June 27th, 2015, Artist, Activist and Filmmaker Bree Newsome made America look up and ask, why?

People want to know why, after Gov. Nikki Hailey announced that they were going to put the removal of the flag to a vote, why is it that a 30 year old  woman would decided to make an artistic social statement and take the flag down herself.

There are a few answers but I’ll address the one that rings deep in my heart this Sunday afternoon.

What is your pole?

Everyone has something in their life where they have had just about enough. A time where they decide that the line is drawn, and to stand against something. Where you climb the pole, snatch the flag of oppression down and say NOT ONE MORE DAY. NOT ONE MORE HOUR. Where you declare that “NOT ONE MORE MINUTE will I deal with this mess!”

For some, it’s deciding not to deal with an abusive relationship, ever again. Or perhaps, it’s being the first graduate from college — or the first to drop out and go against the status quo to build your own dream.

To go the unsafe route and to shake things up.

The pole is a metaphor for any mountain you decide to climb in this life. The Flag represents the goal of the accomplishment. Her descent is getting back to the reality of your decisions good or bad. Yes, the police were waiting for her upon her decent, but so are thousands of citizens with love, adoration respect. Even a bit of jealousy because they have not climbed and conquered their own flag poles in this life.

How many times in your life have you had to deal with the oppression of people who could not see your vision, who warned you against the risk? Often, we give way to these people because of fear.

We cannot see what life has to offer us past the police, past the oppressors who say how crazy you are.

Bree Newsome inspired us and reminded us to keep climbing our individual poles. But also, to keep building our cores and our networks, to get to the next level of a joyous life of purpose!

Please share your opinion.

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