WAKE: A Film By Bree Newsome [WATCH]

“The people who have problems with Bree Newsome’s actions are the same people who have tried to talk me out of art my entire life. They don’t get it, and those that do, are too afraid to touch their own soul. What can you do about people like that? To them, art is a possession. Something you buy. If it has the right brand name, it’s good. Then they collect that brand. But that’s NOT what art is. Art is not a product. It is a part of life. There are as many ways to create as there are ways to see the creation. You’re not a musician when you have a record deal, you’re a musician when you play music. For artISTS, that difference… is life. Bree saw something that HAD to be changed, and reacted in a way that artists SHOULD. With action in space. A public statement with available materials. Artists do not “let it be”. That’s not our job. YOU wait. YOU let other people define your dignity. That’s not art. Artists have been arrested, killed, humiliated and more – for thousands of years – just for putting their creative energy into space. Bree is carrying on a long standing tradition. She was the one on the scene who did the piece. She’s not a superhero. Not Rosa Parks. She’s an artist. Maybe…you are too?”

Daryle Lockhart Founder of SciFiGenerationTV.com


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