Here’s To The Mom Who Drinks Gin And Carries A Gun


Here’s to the mothers who drink gin and carry a gun.

…to the mom who teaches her children to tie the laces of combat boots so they can march side by side against injustice.

…to the dad who is  the mom and the mom who is the dad and the families where there is no difference.

…to the 5 am to 11 pm mom.

…to the mom who says fuck it, to the 5 pm PTA meetings and homemade brownies but instead, plays hooky with her  teen.

…to the mom who says shit. Out loud, and laughs when her toddler says it too!

…to the mom who talks to her kids about sex, drugs and rock and roll while listening to NWA.

…to the grandmother mommas. The auntie mammas. The neighbor mammas. The best friend mammas.

…to the mothers who don’t want to be their mothers, or their mothers mother.

The mothers who were mothers for a moment. an hour. A year. 12, or  25 years….

Here’s to the mothers who don’t have all the answers and love when they find some in quiet moments with their child.

To the mothers who hate the flowers, burnt breakfast, and homemade noodle necklaces and prefer, early morning sex, coffee with bourbon, and a futbol game.

To every mother who is BRAVE enough to  break the rules, create their own and raise their children to be their full authentic selfs,  you fucking rock  EVERY DAMN day!

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