About Jay-Z and TIDAL…


This B-Side concert would have been a better press release for ‪#‎Tidal‬, IF cultural appropriation was the real motivation for the new venture.

For TWO DECADES, people have supported Mr. Carter by buying concert tickets, and purchasing products he co-signed on. Accusing people of not supporting HIS Black owned business is just wrong.

People are not stupid, #TIDAL is Aspiro Group of Norway repackaged.  So, It’s not like he got a bunch of Black coders from across the states, funded them, and THEN launched a new, authentic brand.

People just don’t like Tidal right now, and trying to guilt people into supporting it is out of character for someone who truly knows marketing.

Generation X will always support him, but millennials are smarter consumers. Slapping your name on a product isn’t good enough for them, or recession-weary Gen-X’ers, any longer.

It’s no secret I’m a Carter fan , but there is a lot to be seen in a person’s character when they try something and it fails. Blaming your dedicated fan base and critics is not smart — and deep down inside,  I think he knows better.

Ask Oprah. When OWN sucked she didn’t blame Black folks.  She went harder and gave her demographic what they wanted. (Tyler Perry, and Super Soul Sunday)

Millennials want the internet for free. Period. They will not negotiate these terms. Starting from that premise and working forward, he can definitely turn this around.

I’m absolutely not hating, I love the Carters and want them to continue doing well, it’s just JayZ has got to deal with this a bit better.


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