5 Things You Need To Know About Facebook

Facebook. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay a while longer and while it’s facing a few challenges keeping the 1 billion subscribers engaged, there is no doubt it has become the benchmark of social media. When surveyed people over 40 use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. Grandparents have found Facebook to be the best way to keep up … Continue reading 5 Things You Need To Know About Facebook

Oprah’s Farm

Last night hubby and I were talking social media, catching up and comparing the days notes on what we found interesting, when we stumbled across Oprah’s new (or new to us ) IG page Circle of Friends. To our pleasant surprise we spotted Ava DuVernay just chilling with Queen O on her Hawaiian Farm. We were both geeked out for different reasons, hubby follows Ava’s career … Continue reading Oprah’s Farm


  If you are a job seeker or have ever been a job seeker, then I’m sure you have read countless articles about how to make your resume better, how to dress, and how to present yourself at interviews. Perhaps you have gone to a few job seminars, and job fairs. You are really on the grind looking for work! At some point in the … Continue reading RECRUITERS, CANDIDATES, AND CUSTOMER SERVICE