Le Dîner En Blanc: Charlotte | Partie Un – Tips For First Time Dîner En Blanc Guest

What began in Paris France as a simple dinner party among friends who wore white to find each other among a crowd has become a chic pop-up picnic named Le Dîner En Blanc, that now spans six continents. Invitees meet at designated locations throughout the host city, where they all travel together to a secret picnic location, set up beautiful table settings and enjoy an evening eating gourmet food with friends. The all white formal and semi-formal attire of this exclusive cultural event is the theme that brands this highly anticipated party as a bucket list event.

The glamour and excitement of this gathering has finally made it’s way to Charlotte NC, just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this Parisian tradition. I’ve never attended Le Dîner En Blanc, and I’m hoping to finally get off of my years-long waiting list status, especially since it’s coming to the city I’ve called home for over 10 years.

I’ve done plenty of research for this event, and the one thing I’ve learned is to prepare early! So I’ve begun my prep just in case I’m invited, and I’ll share with you what I’ve learned so far:

IT’S EXCLUSIVE: You must be sponsored or invited. Otherwise, you’re on the waitlist, like me!
RESEARCH: Pinterest, YouTube and of course the Dîner En Blanc website are great places to start. You’ll get tons of ideas but remember to keep it simple and elegant.
PREPARATION: You may be surprised by all the things you already have in your home. I have 75% of my table setting, including the table. I need to focus on attire. Feel free to check out and contribute to the Amazon community list created to assist with your shopping.
HIDDEN COST: There is a cost to attend and a price to prepare, but if you intend to be a regular guest you’ll be ready for the next event.

Le Dîner En Blanc is performance art that takes you on a journey to a time where meals were prepared with attention to detail and eating dinner as a community was part of everyday life. Visually, the aesthetic of an entire community dressed in white, dining against the backdrop of a city they love, dancing with strangers under the stars is humanity at it’s best. The strict, non-negotiable rules exist to remind you that you are worth the extra effort, time and money. You deserve to sit among friends and see your beauty reflected in the eyes of your neighborhood. It’s not for everyone, but for those of us who enjoy a bit of fanfare, this is a beautiful event to be a part of!

If I receive an invite I’ll give you a follow-up post!

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