Queen City Noir; (NSFW)

She thanked God for the deep purple blackout curtains in her bedroom as she woke up. She purchased them when her favorite musician Prince died. She wondered what time it was.

The middle-aged woman had flashbacks of Anita Baker playing on a record player, karaoke, and drinks so strong she learned the true meaning of the phrase, “lit as fuck.”

She giggled to herself when she realized the pounding in her head was a hangover. The soreness in her thighs reminded her that she and her husband of almost 20 years, may have passionately and eagerly ruined another one of her outfits. Flashbacks of her in the walk-in the closet came to mind. She blushed.

What do the kids say these days? #BirthdayBehavior yes, that’s what it was, and it was only the beginning…


Girls night out gives Roz anxiety. The excitement of finally catching up with friends, figuring out what to wear, and budgeting makes Roz giddy and hyper excited.

She parked her 2005 gray Mitsubishi Montero directly under a street light. Grabbed her Leopard print booted heels from the back seat and slipped them on, reluctantly. Roz was 5feet 9inches tall. She hated heels at her age but this was one of the few places in her life she allowed herself to be influenced by her peers. She said her “high heel” prayer asking sexy ancestors to protect her from falling flat on the concrete, locked her car and walked toward the club.

The Charlotte NC winter air was brisk with a hint of an early spring warmth. As she approached she could feel the vibration of the music under her feet. Club504 was one of the few clubs in Charlotte that had an upscale Black clientele. Roz was greeted at the entrance by a very large, bald-headed, white male with a smile she imagined hadn’t changed much since HS, which for him was maybe five years ago. He asked for her ID, she handed it to him and waited.

She loved this moment. The moment where he looks at her ID, then back at her, then back to double check the year she was born. She waited for the compliment, and right on cue bald bouncer handed her back her card, with that high school smile and said: “you look amazing!” Roz smiled, that never gets old.

504 was huge, decorated with warm colors of browns, reds, and orange hues. Large leather couches grouped in corners giving way to groups of people to gather. The bar ran the length of the club in a grand gesture. The dance floor was reminiscent of the famous Harlem Cotton Club giving way for people 35 and older to dance to 80s Hip-hop and neo-soul or enjoy a live band.

Roz was deliberately early. She liked being the first of her friends to arrive, it gives her time to decompress and people watch. It was 9:30 pm and her friends wouldn’t be arriving for another 30minutes. The club was beginning to fill up with conversations and louder music. She dashed over to an available couch, tables, and chairs and spread out her shawl and pocketbook to claim the space for her girls.

Roz sat back and took a good look around the club. To her left at a bistro table was an attractive young couple. The second or third date she thought to herself. The man seemed assured like he’s already sampled the goodies. The young woman who had a strong resemblance to Solange, #NaturalHairOnFleek, looked like she was very hopeful for a committed relationship. To her right was a group of four middle-aged men. A double date. The roars of laughter coming from the table made Roz smile when one of the men caught her eye friendly vibes.

Across the room, through the small crowd of standing people, she noticed a group of men. They looked familiar. The server interrupted her thoughts, to take her drink order. Before she could resume her people watching one of the familiar looking men approached her.

“Hello,” He said
“I remember you from last night”

This is the first in a series of short stories. These stories are not safe for work. (#NSFW)

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