5 Things You Need To Know About Facebook


Facebook. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay a while longer and while it’s facing a few challenges keeping the 1 billion subscribers engaged, there is no doubt it has become the benchmark of social media.

When surveyed people over 40 use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. Grandparents have found Facebook to be the best way to keep up with grandchildren, families have groups set up to plan everything from vacations to milestone birthdays.

There are a few features that have gone ignored that can enhance user engagement and make for a better experience. Here are a few of them.

1. LEGACY CONTACT: Settings>Security>Legacy Contact 

While planning our wishes after our death we now have to think about what we want done with our digital footprint.

With the legacy contact feature  you can assign a trusted loved one the duty of either deleting your account or maintaining it as a memoriam after you pass. Your loved one will also have the ability to download your wall post, photos and videos. 

Facebook will also send you a yearly reminder to update your choice.

2. LIMIT YOUR AUDIENCE: Settings>Privacy>Limit the audience

So you’re about to interview for a job and we all know recruiters oftentimes search for you on Facebook. Or perhaps you’ve decided to clean up your friends list and go ultra private. This feature takes ALL the post you had posted as public and changes it to friends with one click.

3. UNLIKE PAGES: Pages>Like Pages>Liked Pages

After 10 years you have like ALOT of pages. Many of them may not be relevant to you any longer. With this feature you can unlike pages in bulk.

When you unlike pages, you are telling the algorithm what you want to see more of in your feed, creating a better experience.

4. LIVE VIDEO: Mobile>Status Update>Live

This is a great feature that allows you to be part of events like recitals, family reunions, and little league.

5. LIST: Friends>Create List

List take time to create. You probably already have one that Facebook auto created called “acquaintances.” These are the folks you don’t interact with much and the algorithm placed them in a folder. You can add people to the acquaintance list and limit what post they can see.

You can also create specific list of people, like one for co-workers or church friends.

I hope this list helped and you found something you can use. Please share any FB tips and tricks you have found to be useful.





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