5 Netflix Movies That Make Over 40 Look Good

As we get older we are going to have a few bad days where we are bummed out about our age. This blog was born out one of my bad days!

If you are a Netflix person like me here are a few films that will lift your spirits when you’re feeling a bit down about midlife!

1. ADVANCED STYLE This documentary takes us on a creative journey of seven women living in New York City who are style masters. They have been stylish all of their lives and now that they are over 60, they all have collections of clothes that allow them to dress with a unique flair that one can only display in the streets of NYC.

Watch it because it reminds us that age is no excuse to give up on style. As a matter of fact age is a reason to go for the big hat, the bold colors and the odd shaped glasses. reinvent your style. Go forth and be BOLD!


2. THE ARTIST IS PRESENT – MARINIA ABRAMOVIC: In this documentary we are taken on a journey as one of this centuries most treasured performance artist prepares for a historical exhibit at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City.  As truly ageless Marina prepares for her piece “The Artist Is Present”, she re-visits a great love of her past.  The film explores the correlation of the romance between Marina her art. This is a journey of pure artistic appreciation, and it will leave you, in fact, appreciating your present moments.

Watch it because you will be inspired by Marina’s creative life. I was reminded to slow down, and continue to stay comfortable in the silence that happens in conversations. I was also able to see how she has had such influence on todays artist, like Kanye West and Lady GaGa.


3. FRANKIE AND GRACE:  Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda respectively, have reunited for a Netflix original. What happens when you are in your early 70’s and and your husband of over 35 years tells you he is gay and in love with his business partner who is married to your long time rival?  In this series Frankie and Grace become friends and navigate the waters of starting over.

This series reminds us that it’s truly NEVER to late to have a life of happiness. Sol, (Sam Waterston) Frankie’s husband and Robert (Martin Sheen) Grace’s husband have made the difficult decision to finally come out about their love for one another. As a viewer I found myself  frustrated and angry along with Frankie and Grace. I also found myself understanding and routing for Sol and Robert’s love.

Watch it because it’s funny and you’ll enjoy these hollywood legends.


4. JACK TAYLOR: I stumbled upon this action-packed detective drama – and was instantly hooked! Based on Ken Bruen’s crime novels, this series tells the story of old-school detective Jack Taylor portrayed by Iain Glen. Jack has mother issues, a drinking problem and no regard for any type of authority. He is an ex-police officer turned private investigator in Galway, Ireland. The cases take Jack into Galway’s gritty underworld of crime.

Watch it because it is modern film noir.  Not to mention, Jack Taylor is just the right amount of bad boy sexy! 


5. HOUSE OF CARDS : Is an Emmy Award winning Netflix Original series about U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood of South Carolina played by Kevin Spacey. He is on a mission of revenge with his wife Clair Underwood, a powerful environmental lobbyist, played by Robin Wright. Together they unscrupulously go after power in Washington DC.

Watch it because we don’t always see a sexy 50 something woman navigate the vulnerabilities of mid life in the elegant way Clair does.


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