5 Things Women Over 40 Should Have

Such a beautiful rite of passage turning 40 is. For some it’s a time of reflection. For others it’s a wake up call to get some things in order. I believe it’s a time of celebration. So far with the exception of my 47th birthday, I’ve really enjoyed the fullness of being in my 40’s.

I have found it to be a very sexy time, a time where I’ve celebrated my personal achievements, and made goals for the future. While having this discussion the other day a friend of mine just turning 40 asked me about the essentials. Things she should have by 40.

Here is my quick list in no particular order!

1  A KIMONO   I think this is one of the sexiest articles of clothing a woman can own. No matter how you feel, slingingart around your body makes things a bit better. I also recommend a kimono as a baby shower gift. It’s a really nice way of bringing sexy back for the new mom.


2. FAVORITE MUG  Everyone in my home has a favorite mug. It gives you a feeling of stability. No matter how many times you have moved, or life gets you down there is always your favorite mug. Yes, sometimes it breaks and that sucks, but then you find another and it’s awesome!

wpid-img_20150814_142600.jpg3. BOOK COLLECTION  I’m a minimalist so I don’t keep many books, but the ones I do are my absolute favorite. The ones I have changed me, enlightened me and made me better. They are the literary soundtrack of my life and just looking at them on my shelf makes me feel full.

wpid-img_20150814_142001.jpg4. GIN If you are a woman who enjoys a good cocktail having a few bottles of your favorite booze around is always fun. Inspired by the glamours women of the silver screen, fixing a drink for their date in their beautiful flowing nightgown. (Kimono for me)

20150510_104644 (2)

5. LUBE  Hormones as we get older can be a bitch, but  lube is a good way to keep the party going.


That was my quick list, what would you add? Share pics of your over 40 must haves, I’d love to see them!

Please share your opinion.

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