Oprah’s Farm

Last night hubby and I were talking social media, catching up and comparing the days notes on what we found interesting, when we stumbled across Oprah’s new (or new to us ) IG page Circle of Friends. To our pleasant surprise we spotted Ava DuVernay just chilling with Queen O on her Hawaiian Farm.

We were both geeked out for different reasons, hubby follows Ava’s career in film and is a fan.(not that I don’t love you too Ava! I do!)  I didn’t know Oprah’s farm was so big and beautiful!

Listen, I’ve love a basket of fruits and veggies with a box marked “Oprah’s Farm” for the holidays. Oprah, you and Jeff Bezos need to have a conversation and I’d be one of the first million customers!

I want the veggies AND that box! 



Look at AVA! 



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