Monica Bellucci;50 Year Old Actress Cast As Bond “Girl”


Like Monica, we prefer to call James Bond’s new love interest a sexy grown WOMAN!

Finally, Hollywood is starting to get the message about casting age appropriate women to star opposite mature sexy male stars.

The Bond franchise is notoriously famous for casting a sultry, sexy YOUNG women in roles opposite older men.

They began to break the mold when  Dame Judi Dench was cast to play “M”, the head of MI6. With the casting of 50 year-old Monica Bellucci, the franchise is definitely understanding that their audience is just as sexy and mature as their lead Daniel Craig. (swoon)

I have been a semi-fan of the 007 James Bond movies for most of my adult life, but I fell hard when Daniel Craig was cast in “Casino Royale” (2006) directed by Martin Campbell. Martin and his team gave me a gritty, angry, & believable (as believable as 007 can be) James Bond.

Monica Bellucci is going to bring a level of maturity, action, and a modern sophistication that we have never witnessed throughout a Bond movie.

Take A Look At the Trailer :

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