Mr. Shawn Carter To Re-Launch New Music Streaming Service; Tidal


Never to be outdone Mr. Shawn Carter may be on the verge of changing the music game. Again. At 45 years old, Mr. Carter won agreement this month from Aspiro shareholders to buy Tidal for $54 million. At 5pm the world will have more details.

What we do know so far is that it is $19.99 per month for their premium HD streaming,  about $9.99 more than current premium services like Spotify. The value will be in receiving new music ahead of the other leading streaming services.

The expectation is that artist like Taylor Swift will be receiving more money for their work. I wonder if fans will support artist by signing up for Tidal or if saving money will keep them with the tried and true. I think , if done right people will swarm towards supporting artist.

Please share your opinion.

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