The morning after…


If you woke up asking “what now?” After the Grand Jury decided not to bring Darren Wilson to trial, here are a few suggestions.

1. HUG YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS: Remind them that they are an important part of this beautiful universe and they are deserving of love and protection. We chose to use the media images as a teaching moments for our son, because somewhere in America there are other parents teaching their children that Michael Brown was killed for stealing.

2. STAY HOME: Stay home on black friday. The only thing a capitalistic society understands is money. Think of the message sent  if on the one day retail corporations hope to get out of red,  the withholding of our dollars kept them there.

3. CHANGE YOUR VIEWING: Change your mental and spiritual diet immediately. Stop taking in images that perpetuate arguing among beautiful women of color and their men. It places ad dollars in the hands of people who control the media. Who control what you see. What you see is arguing, fussing and fighting. What you do is argue, fuss and fight.

4. SUPPORT MINORITY BUSINESSES: Build, create and support.  I too am guilty of not supporting minority owned businesses because of one bad experience. My adult daughter, however stays vigilant on supporting women, and minorities and reminds me and anyone that will listen how important it is to keep profits circulating from one minority hand to the other as long as possible.



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