Reminder: 5 Things To Do While Working From Home


Working from home can be a a wonderful thing. You get to smoke, have a drink, watch TV, and even grab a quickie,  just like an episode of Mad Men! Contrary to popular belief, however there are some drawbacks that the work from  home tribe must do to keep their sanity. I know you’ve read a bunch of these articles before so these are friendly reminders!

1. KEEP A WINDOW SHADE BLINDS OPEN ALL DAY: I know all about the glare on your screen, so move your desk. You NEED the daylight streaming in on you during the day. In the spring and summer open the windows and patio doors for fresh on the days you are a hermit.

2. GO OUT: I know there are weeks where you can seriously stay in for three days straight, and you LOVE it! You know this is no good for you! So find your unemployed friends and go for a walk, go bowling, or swimming or crash a kids trampoline park and get some exercise!

3. READ: Just because you work from home does not mean your as smart as you think you are. You can’t get all of your information online. Take monthly trips to the library, and borrow a book. Citing online articles all the time can be a bit lazy. As writers we have to actually get out and get the information the old fashioned way.

4. BE MOBILE: Speaking of the library, I love to work in the library when I can. It’s so incredibly quite and has so few distractions, unlike the local coffee shop. You can also meet other humans there too!

5. HEALTY SNACKS: Working from home or not, this is a rule for anyone who works all day. Keep healthy snacks nearby. I make or purchase fruit trays, that consist of cheese, grapes, crackers, and fruit or cucumber infused water. No matter what keep your health a priority!

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